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Chapter Book of the Month: Reviewed by Scottie B. (15-year-old homeschooler)

"Chicks With Sticks (It's a Purl Thing)"
By Elizabeth Lenhard
Penguin Putnam
Ages 8 - 12 $15.99

A new friendship circle forms in this bright new book. Check out "Chicks with Sticks," about girls who hook up when they discover their mutual love of knitting. The friends are Scottie, Amanda, Tay and Bella. (And yes, I was drawn to this book because my name happens to be Scottie, and that's the main character). In this first title in a new series, the four girls could be considered polar opposites. Initially, Scottie is a semi-depressed loner looking for some stability. Amanda is her ex-best friend and your typical prom queen candidate. Tay is an angry "tomboy," while Bella is ... well, a bit of a weirdo. Soon enough, however, they are drawn together because each cannot resist the texture of fine yarn between her fingers. Together, they love the click-swish of their needles (or sticks). Knitting goes everywhere with them, even when problems arise with boys, parents and school. This charming story will be appreciated by anyone who has experienced friendship ... and that's a wide audience. Bonus: a few basic knitting patterns are included for those who want to start "click-swishing."


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