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Young boy with basketball Will you be the next name added to our hall of fame list?

  • Alonzo Mourning, NBA Superstar
  • Charlotte Ayanna, Miss Teen USA and Actress
  • Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady
  • Eddie Murphy, Movie Star and Comedian
  • Ice T, Musician and Movie Director
  • Tommy Davidson, Comedian & Actor
  • Willie Nelson, Country Musician
  • Duante Culpepper, NFL Quarterback Superstar
  • Babe Ruth, Baseball Legend
  • Allison Anders, Filmmaker
  • Carl Hancock Rux, Musician
  • Anthony "Cos" DiCosmo, Pro Football Player
  • Dave Pelzer, Award-Winning Author
  • Marilyn Monroe, Movie Star Legend
  • Harry Potter, Hero of Hogwarts
  • John Lennon, Rock-n-Roll Legend, The Beatles
  • James Dean, Rebel and Actor
  • Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Psychologist and Author
  • Lorraine Pascale, Supermodel
  • Bruce Oldfield, Fashion Designer
  • Harold Robbins, Author
  • Malcolm X, Civil Rights Leader
  • Billy Mills, Track & Field Athlete
  • Victoria Rowell, Actress
  • Tom Monaghan, Super-successful Businessman


Star of "The Young and the Restless" was Former Foster Child

Often times, with all of the behavior difficulties that are exhibited by children in foster care, it's easy to forget that they too have the potential of achieving success. The following website is a link to a foundation dedicated to children in foster care. What's great about it is the founder of this organization. Her name is Victoria Rowell but those who watch the soap opera "The Young and the Restless" might know her as "Dru." She spent 18 years of her life in foster care and is an advocate for enriching the lives of foster children through the arts.


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