Testimonial #1

Being a Foster Parent with First Home Care, Northern Virginia
By Karen Fletcher

In January 2005, I came across an article listed in the local newspapers about foster care. I thought, "Here is my chance to become a foster parent and really make a difference."

After a few days had passed I contacted First Home Care to set up an interview. Although I was a little nervous in the beginning, I knew this was something I was meant to do. During the interviewing process I met with staff members of First Home Care and seeing the level of involvement and commitment this agency demonstrated further encouraged me to become a foster parent.

Since I've become a foster mom I've noticed that the rewards outweigh the challenges. Knowing that I am making a difference in my foster daughter's life is great. What I teach her and the experiences offered to her will improve the quality of her life for years to come. Providing a child with a nurturing, protecting, home, prepares that child for the future and at the same time teaches them how to be better parents when that day arrives.

I teach my daughter that in spite of her circumstances, she can achieve her goals and can live a happy and productive life. First Home Care makes each placement a win-win for everyone. Many people have reservations, and too many children are not placed because of those reservations, and ultimately end up in another system down the line. Being a parent is a gift the gift of patience, kindness, compassion, and the concern of a child's welfare. By sharing this gift, each family member is blessed.

In my opinion, having a loving home where a child is safe and where he or she can express their needs is a critical element in the development of any young person's life. I certainly enjoyed my growing experience. Being a foster parent now could stop the cycle of generational foster care and system dependence in the future. The importance of foster care and helping children will benefit our community and our society as a whole.